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The Koala who Lost his Heart - Announcement

A few weeks ago our new children's book arrived from the printer, The Koala who Lost his Heart.

It has been a special time introducing Sam to the world and sharing his message of loss, friendship, self-acceptance and self-love.  The hardcover book is available to buy in many shops in Queensland including the Australian Koala Foundation Gift Shop in Brisbane CBD.  

You can order the book from our bookshop tab on this website and in just a few short days our book will be available to order globally from most recognised online retailers.  

This week we have a chance to share the story of Sam with a real Koala and the wonderful team at The Magnetic Island Koala Hospital.  If you would like to arrange an in-person or virtual reading you can let us know via email;

The book will be available in hardcover, softcover and ebook.  

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