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Mindfulness is a Practice. 

Mindfulness gives us time and an opportunity to choose our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  

Krissy Regan, Founder of Mindful Mums Queensland

I founded Mindful Mums Queensland to support women lead their healthiest most successful life. When women nurture themselves they have the capacity to self-actualise. All mother's deserve to be the most that they can be; healthy, happy, thriving.  

Over the past four years I've had the opportunity to help women of all ages (and men too) with simple strategies that they can implement to support their wellbeing. I empower people to cultivate a Wellness Mindset. A mindset of wellness allows us to make decisions that benefit us on a mental and physical level. Embracing a Mind, Body & Spirit approach to our life ensures we thrive. 

See What People Are Saying

"Krissy’s wisdom and experience is very valuable. Her book and workshops have helped me remember what's important and how to take the time to achieve my goals whilst not beating myself up when Im not super organised. Thanks Krissy!"

Interviews and Weekly Lives


Each week I go LIVE on my FB Page and Youtube to share hints and tips for practising mindfulness and improving wellbeing. #WellnessWednesday 

Ticker News Interview

Here I discuss a Wellness Mindset Live on Ticker News.

Health of families always needs to be top of the agenda!

In all my interviews I try to influence the conversation around Health and Wellbeing. 

"If you don't make time for Wellness, you have to make time for Illness!"

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