2020 has been a year of change and uncertainty and certainly a year we will remember.  It's a time when we have to rethink, reflect and reassess our purpose and many of us will change direction and take bold new steps.   

Creative energy is still flowing and by slowing down, changing our routine and tapping into hidden talents we will find a wealth of new opportunities. 

In my new book "Broken to Unbreakable" I talk about all of these things; change, habits, uncertainty, new opportunities, slowing down and tapping into previously unexplored opportunities. 

It's also a time to review your health and wellbeing and determine where you want to be in your life.  

Broken to Unbreakable,
12 Steps to an Unbreakable Mind, Body and Spirit



EXCITING NEWS!  The Koala who Lost his Heart is in print and will be in stores in the next few weeks.  The Koala Conservation Foundation have endorsed this book and will sell it in their shop as well.  We have big plans for this book so stay tuned for our 2021 Roadshow.  

The Koala who Lost his Heart 
Story by Krissy Regan 
Illustrations by Gail Whebell

This is a story about a young Koala who tries to find love after losing his parents in a bush fire. On his way he meets a friendly Possum, a cheeky Kookaburra, a serious Snake, an intellectual Emu and a wise Owl. He discovers how to listen to his heart, love himself and find friendship along the way.

Krissy Regan is The Wellness Poet, an Author, Poet, Speaker and Wellness Warrior!

She creates stories and poems that inspire and connect people to themselves and the world around them. 

Krissy studied Exercise Science and Sports Management and has worked on the international stage for the past 20 years after she stepped onto the world's biggest stage as a Performer in the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympics.

Since 2000, Krissy has worked on global sporting events, including 2 more Olympic Games, 2 Football World Cups, 7 Champions Leagues Finals and a number of other international events.  

After decades of traveling and working around the world Krissy moved home to Australia and decided it was time to STOP, REVIEW AND RESET and she created her own formula for an Unbreakable Mind, Body and Spirit and is now fitter, healthier and happier than she was as a 20yr old athlete.

She wrote Broken to Unbreakable - 12 Steps to and Unbreakable Mind, Body and Spirit to help others do the same.   

Krissy's second book; The Koala who Lost his Heart, is a story about self-love, self-acceptance, finding friendship and animal conservation.  The book is aimed at 6-12-years.

Krissy believes that Health and Wellness can spread like a virus and is dedicated to spreading a message of health and wellness around the world. Krissy is the Founder of Mindful Mums Queensland and an Executive Board Member of Queensland Youth Services.   

"My passion is to encourage, inspire and support as many people as I can to  nurture their Mind, Body and Spirit.  When these three pillars are in alignment you will lead a healthy, happy and successful life."

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