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I'm moving towards 2023 in a calm state of excitement. I feel that so much has happend (and not happened) in the past few years that we really have an opportunity to create the future that we want. 

I know that I've been fortunate to live in a location that has allowed me to thrive these past few years. Making the decision to move my family from London to Townsvile, and raise my kids in the great outdoors was one of the best decisions I've made.  It also allowed me to heal and find my purpose again. 

In 2022 my daughter and I published a book called, London to Townsville.  A story about a little girl who moves from England to Australia. I wanted to share this story with families to help children make sense of significant events in their life and to demonstrate the healing power of story-telling and art.  

You will find the book available to purchase in my bookshop or whereever you buy your books online.  

FREE Wellness Content

I love talking to people about holistic health and well-being.

I love the Woowoo Stuff, the Scientific Stuff, the Intuitive Stuff, and sharing different modalities for healing.  

I launched my Podcast on Apple, Spotify and Google on my 47th birthday and you may subscibe to listen to my interviews whereever you get your juicy podcasts.  Krissy Regan, The Wellness Poet.

My Youtube Channel also hosts all my weekly Facebook Lives and Interviews. @thewellnesspoet

2022 was a pretty epic year. I ran 2 marathons and countless other events in an effort to raise funds for Ukraine. #runforukraine

The process of training for and running a marathon is not easy but I know I'm capable of anything I choose to do, and my mind-body connection is the only thing stopping me. I will continue to nurture this relationship for the remainder of my life.

Helping Ukraine was a big focus for me in 2022. I put a lot of other projects on hold, but along the way I made so many amazing connections, and learned a lot about myself. 

In 2022 I am a FINALIST at the Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards in 2 categories; 

- Women's Organisation, Mindful Mums Queensland

- Most Influential Woman

To be recognised for my work, and my purpose is wonderful, and to share this with those that have supported me this past few years is truly an honour. You really notice who your friends are when you go out on a limb to do something you have never done before. This is true for Running, Writing and Mumming.  

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