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OK, what just happened? Where did 2023 go? 

I was told that things would start speeding up as we move into a new digital era and age of 9 but I was not prepared to blink and miss a whole year. 


This year I started two new books and I'm close to finishing one and having a pause on the other. I also decided to spend more time building my professional contacts in Australia and went back to work full time. After almost 20 years, living and working in the same postcode is a real novelty. 

I alos did a fair bit of running in 2023 and ticked off marathon number three in Brisbane in just under 11 months since I ran my first on the Gold Coast. I have some more running adventures planned in the coming two years in addition to some books and travelling.  

You can pre-order our newest book NOW. It's called, Bella the Brown Butted Bird and is a lovely story about becoming a mum for the first time and what we learn along the way. My two girls are illustrating this book as I want to foster this bond between us and show them how they can use their special gifts to help others. 

FREE Wellness Content

I love talking to people about holistic health and well-being.

I love the Woowoo Stuff, the Scientific Stuff, the Intuitive Stuff, and sharing different modalities for healing.  

I launched my Podcast on Apple, Spotify and Google on my 47th birthday and you may subscibe to listen to my interviews whereever you get your juicy podcasts.  Krissy Regan, The Wellness Poet.

My Youtube Channel also hosts all my weekly Facebook Lives and Interviews. @thewellnesspoet

In 2022 I used my legs and my contacts to raise funds for my friends in Ukraine. It was a very emotional and draining year but I made some wonderful new friends. #runforukraine

In 2023, I decided to use my experience to help others raise funds for Ukraine and it was amazing to see them also achieve their goals. 

In the coming year, I will continue to help Ukrainains and those that help them. I'm mindful of the many people around the world that need help due to war or the environment and this plays on my mind all the time and breaks my heart. 

I try hard to make changes in my life to support the environment and others as much as I can and I will always advocate for anyone that can not advocate for themselves.

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