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Let's Talk about Support

I’ve been doing a deep dive on Support lately and I see two kinds of support.

1. Transactional Support.

2. Unconditional (Goodwill) Support.

Arguably both kinds of support are necessary, but I want to lead with the thought that Unconditional Support works in everyone’s favour.

Transactional Support is when someone supports you only if you transact with them. In this instance you will only receive support after a transaction has been made, money changes hands, a referral is made, a post has been shared or you have signed up for a service. In simple terms you will only offer support when someone gives you something first.

Unconditional Support is demonstrating support to someone, or something without any transaction preceding it. You can do this verbally, emotionally, virtually, or spiritually. This kind of support is based on not receiving anything in return. Ultimately it may lead to a transaction in the future, but it’s based more on an energetic transfer based on goodwill that is wholehearted and genuine.

Generally unconditional support is aligned with our personal values. Those that we transact with, can have differing values to ourselves, whereas those we support unconditionally often have similar values. When we start to make decisions based on our values, versus our need to accumulate, we open ourselves up to a whole host of possibilities and a broader support base.

I’ve been around the block a few times and I see transactional support everywhere I go. I’ve also noticed when offering support for the sake of support I’ve been viewed with suspicion. The person thinks; “What does she want.”

It can be hard to support those people unconditionally if they are not open to it.

I’ve embraced unconditional support in recent years as I recognised that in supporting people unconditionally (and not expecting a transaction), I’m more likely to build a broader, more genuine, and wholehearted support base.

Of course, we need to eat, and we need to care for our family but if support is based on $$ than you will never feel fulfilled or satisfied.

And the biggest killer of Support is moaning about not getting Support.

Because if you are moaning about not getting support you are creating negative energy around you.

The best way to overcome feeling unsupported is:

1. Support yourself.

2. Support someone else.

Then the cycle of support will flow again.

In our modern life we expect followers, free support, endorsements, and goodies. We forget that anything worth doing, takes time, commitment, focus, learning and growing. It’s in this process that we can self-actualise and experience a true abundance mindset.


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