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Koala Hospital Fundraising Events

Thank you to everyone who has supported our book release and fundraising events this week. We have raised $500 for the Magnetic Island Koala Hospital Limited. tel: 0428 785488 in the past few days.

There are many koalas in care at the moment; some of which have been hit by cars, attacked by green ants or suffered some other kind of injury. Thank you to Ali Bee (Tim and Izzy) for helping to keep our native animals safe and getting them back on their paws again. Ali and her family do all this work for free - they do not get paid by the government or the local council (which is kind of shocking when you think about it!)

Izzy plans to be a Vet as well! I'm sure her success on Izzy’s Koala World will mean she is one of the most famous vets in the world, and hopefully inspire other children.

The Koala who Lost his Heart, is a book about a young koala who loses his parents in a bush fire. He learns how to take care of himself, trust his instincts, find friendship and follow his heart. This is a book about the importance of conservation, self-love and following your heart! Gail Catherine and I wrote this book to inspire children to listen to their heart, love themselves and to understand the importance of taking care of each other and the planet!

We are enormously grateful to everyone for supporting this book, which is much bigger than just us, and we hope it will be on the shelves for many years to come. The book is available to order from my website (, in shops throughout Qld, or where-ever you are in the world you can order a copy on Amazon or your preferred online retailer in paperback or ebook.

You can also donate directly to the Magnetic Island Koala Hospital Limited. 0428 785488 and help these wonderful animals.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Krissy, Gail, Ali, Izzy, Clodagh, Kara and Remi.

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