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Bobby, A Horse Who Teaches a Young Girl How To Love

Giving birth to a new book is totally exciting, frightening and emotional.  

Bobby, A Horse Who Teaches A Young Girl How To Love, is now complete and ready to order in the Bookshop -

Bobby, was my horse and he came to live with us when I was 3.  He passed away when I was in my 20s.  He lived a long, and healthy life and was loved by our family.  He was very kind, very tame and a wee bit lazy.... you really had to work hard to make him move!  

We had so many adventures and mis-adventures together as a child, and most afternoons I would climb on the fence and call him repeatedly until he came to find me where-ever I was (like a faithful dog), and I would put some string around his neck, climb on his bare back and set off.  On the odd occasion I did fall off, he would just patiently stop and wait for me.  We did have some hairy moments together but we always trusted each other and he always knew what I was saying to him.  He was a very loyal companion for a young girl in the bush without any friends her own age to play with.  

This book is just a snap shot of our life together including some real scenes of the place I grew up as a child; Southwick West Station North West of Charters Towers.  Debbie Belcastro photographed some of the images in this book which she has now turned into water-colour paintings.  It has been a pleasure to bring this story to life with the help of Jennifer A Hyatt who is also a country girl with a big heart.  

This book is a rhyming children's book, inspired by a poem I wrote in 2019 for Horsewyse Magazine.  I'm looking forward to sharing this story with children all over the world.  

Here's some snaps of the process to bring this book to life.

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