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Basic Business Principles for Everyday Life!

In this article for Kiddipedia I share some basic business principles for every day life.  

Our day-to-day life is generally not managed with as much rigour and structure as we apply to a business or our paid employment. But there are some aspects of business that can provide some really important foundations for making decisions in our life, and I enjoy discovering these little nuggets of wisdom.


For starters we often don’t schedule our personal life as much as we do our business life. Leaving things, a bit looser and taking things as they come.

Second, we often don’t consider all the costs associated with life and the decisions we make in it.

We don’t necessarily look at ways to streamline, innovate and evolve in our personal life as much as we would in business.

We certainly don’t apply Cater’s 10 C’s, or the 5 Rights of Procurement to our everyday living.

We don’t consider that our health is our biggest asset, and in order to thrive in business and in life, it’s imperative to have good health; mental, physical as well as spiritual.

I’ve always been a fairly curious but practical person. I like to understand things from a very basic level and then I apply knowledge and understanding in many different ways. I think this skill has been one of my biggest assets in life so far......

To read the full article click on the link below:

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