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A Recipe for Soup!

I’m blessed with 2 beautiful girls, a nice home and a husband who loves me in his own kind of way – when I’m not shouting at him…………

But I admit that week to week I have stuff that brings me stress and frustration like many mothers of small children. And as a working parent, I’m working hard to find a balance between being a good mum, not letting my employers down, trying to not be too shouty a wife and to find time for self-care, whilst juggling the household running and school running… you know the constant running!

I’m a Libran (Scales) so apparently balance is important to me – but I don’t ever recollect having it. Did I lose it somewhere or just miss the introductory course that comes with my star sign? My life is constantly out of balance and there seems to be a never-ending pile of admin to do (don’t mention the laundry!).

I know many other women have the same challenges and lots of books have been written about it. Dr Libby gives lectures on Overcoming Overwhelm and Rushing Women’s Syndrome, so there is a very popular moment behind women’s issues right now.

So, here’s the thing I want to float – We made this Soup for ourselves! We need to UNMAKE it!

Or just enjoy the ingredients raw and not try to cook them so much – Are you with me?

This is a metaphor obviously. “We have all the ingredients for Soup – but we don’t need to make Soup!”

If you are still reading now, well done and thanks!  You may be curious about "How NOT to make Soup," when society tells you to make Soup and post about it on Instagram.

Here’s my rules on NOT making Soup!

• Resist the urge to get Busy! PERIOD!

• Balance starts with Boundaries! Make some!

• Ask yourself – What will this cost me? Then check if the cost is worth the effort!

• There are no perfect jobs! Be proud of your work regardless!

• Exhaustion is NOT a badge of Honour! That’s a mugs game!

• Reflection is Healthy – Rumination is Unhealthy!

• Don’t deflect Gratitude! Accept it with Pleasure!

• Fear debilitates our health system and toxic emotions destroy our Liver! Let go of Fear and Anger!

• Happiness propels you towards your goal! Finding things to be happy about will get you there faster!

• Forget about the Soup! Honour the ingredients!

The best soups have the fewest ingredients and are made with Love. However sometimes in the rush of life, the endless tasks, the constant doing and the high expectations we set for ourselves and others we forget that we have all the ingredients in our basket already – The Scales ARE Balanced.

Someone I know well died recently and he was relatively young and left behind a small child and his wife. When people we know pass away, it reminds you to be thankful and sometimes it can be a wake-up call to others. What I’ve been thinking about is this. “When we die, people don’t remember how hard we worked or how much soup we made! They remember if we were Kind and Happy and Cared for others.”

Kind, Happy and Caring are 3 ingredients that make the perfect soup and don’t cost you anything!

Next time you feel like making soup, getting busy, taking on more and doing too much – just ask yourself what ingredients are you honouring!

Thanks for caring about yourself and others and sharing a kind word to make others happy and inspired to do the same. 

I hope you will share this blag!  


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