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Bella the Brown Butted Bird is a story about becoming a mum for the first time and what we learn along the way. 


Krissy Regan, Author

Krissy Regan was born in Townsville and lived in the UK for 16 years. Krissy is passionate about bringing stories to life that focus on individual well-being. This is Krissy’s fifth book, and the aim is to help parents and children embrace story-telling and art, to make sense of significant events in their life. Krissy founded Mindful Mums Qld to empower mums to embrace mindfulness as a tool to manage the challenges of motherhood. Krissy understands first-hand the joys, challenges, loss and grief associated with motherhood and tries to encourage women to nurture themselves as well as their children.  


Clodagh Regan, Illustrator

Clodagh Regan (9) was born in London and lived there for 4 years. Clodagh loves drawing and making up stories. Clodagh is a much-loved big sister, niece, grand-daughter and friend to many. This is Clodagh’s second book.

Kara Regan, Illustrator

Kara Regan (6) was born in London and lived there till she was 10-months old. Kara loves mindful colouring and is a very kind little girl. Kara loves stories, singing and dancing and playing with her friends. This is Kara’s first book, and she hopes to talk about it on the radio, just like her sister did with her first book.

Bella the Brown Butted Bird

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